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Image by Kyle Glenn


The purpose of the Asian Democrats Central Texas (ADCT) is to increase and support the political representation and power of the diverse Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) community and build a stronger, more inclusive local democracy.


AAPIs represent more than 30 countries across East, South, Southeast Asia, and the Pacific Islands, and more than 100 different languages and dialects.


Politically, 50% of AAPI registered voters prefer the Democratic party, 28% Republican, 8% other and 12% undecided. AAPIs are often ignored by the political establishment entirely.


Only 50% of AAPIs have been contacted by Democrats and 40% by Republicans. More than 11 million AAPIs will be able to vote this year, making up nearly 5% of the nation’s eligible voters.


The AAPI community has the power to be the deciding factor that flips state and down ballot races across the whole country. From 2000 to 2020, the number of Asian American eligible voters more than doubled, growing by 139%.

Instructions: Thank you for your time and interest in seeking an endorsement from ADCT. Please complete the survey questions by EOD, September 11. Please email with any questions.

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